I want to inform about General Terms & Conditions

This contract is just an agreement between both you and Macrogen Inc. and relates to services that are macrogen’s in entire. You shall read, agree with and accept all the terms and conditions found in this contract.

Article.1 General guideline

1. 1. Purpose,

This contract is always to adhere to what the law states of electric interaction enterprise and an Enforcement Ordinance in Korea regarding the utilization stipulation and procedure of all of the related solution supplied by Macrogen Inc.

1.2. Service,

Provider defines so it furnishes DNA sequencing along with other extra information through to be given by Macrogen Inc hereunder.

1.3 change and effectiveness associated with contract,

  1. It shall enter into impact on the date whenever Macrogen Inc. post it in public places.
  2. It could be amended by any change that is such of company reasons and proceeded with act as changed after every one of the amendments are created.

Article 2. Enrollment of a membership and Service use,

2.1 Eligibility and Types of records

  1. To qualify for our service, the consent shall be obtained by you of solution use from Macrogen and also make an understanding.
  2. In the case with your personal information in accordance with Macrogen Inc’s request that you have the desire to create your own account and use our service, you shall provide us
  3. In case Macrogen Inc. authorizes the Service Usage for you, such notice will probably be regarded as gotten by Macrogen Inc with User ID as well as other associated information.
  4. Macrogen Inc. will not authorize the use of our solution usage relative to the immediate following: – apply to program with name of other people. – provide false, inaccurate or deceptive information – register on reason for a way this is certainly defamatory, trade libelous, unlawfully threatening or unlawfully harassing.

2.2 provider limitation and usage

  1. Macrogen Inc. can suspend the Service temporarily use because of system examination, modification, problem, interaction interruption and Force Majeure.
  2. A), any claims of either user or third party shall be excluded in the event that the service usage is suspended as set forth below in clauses.

Article 3. Obligation

3.1 Macrogen Inc’s Obligation

  1. Macrogen Inc. shall just simply take one step that can be used our solution straight away through the date become registered with no failure, aside from our cases that are special.
  2. You shall consent to get an email pertaining to service, important notice and promotion email / letter delivered by Macrogen.
  3. In the case which you escalate any claim, we are going to gather information away from you and take a appropriate action. It, we will notify the reasons and schedule to you while it is take a few time to settle.
  4. Macrogen Inc. shall perhaps not reveal your private information to your 3rd party that isn’t straight associated with the contract and certainly will restrict to utilize and enhance top quality solution, unless the disclosure is needs by regulations, laws or instructions of this government authorities worried national safety and security in extremely excellent situation.
  5. Macrogen Inc. wouldn’t normally accept obligation for just about any harm due to natural disasters(earthquake, war of this elements, flooding, typhoon, etc).

3.2 User’s Liability

  1. You will probably be responsible for most of the management of your ID that is own and.
  2. You shall accept receive an email pertaining to service delivered by Macrogen.
  3. You shall supply the notice to Macrogen with this issues, in the event the ID can be used on illegally purposes,
  4. You shall follow clauses specified from the agreement and associated laws and regulations.
  5. You consent to acknowledge that any data produced from Macrogen’s DNA sequencing and sent to you lead from labour, efforts, product and assets of Macrogen as well as its affiliated entities, and therefore you will be accountable for the payments for the prepared purchase regardless of success or fail associated with series information.

Article 4. provide and usage of provider result

4.1 method of getting Service result

  1. The turnaround time define the main one from the arrival of the examples to the sending of outcome.
  2. In the event that outcome is delayed beyond the promised date, you will be notified on paper of this reality of delayed solution.

4.2 Services Use,

  1. Macrogen Inc. shall treat most of the sample data and information supplied them to any third party without your consent, except if the disclosure is required by following purpose: by you confidentially and shall not disclose
    1. offer it http://www.hookupdate.net/pink-cupid-review by privacy for a report that is statistical educational research and market investigation
    2. identity the stated person to stop usage by stealth
    3. needed because of the guidelines, regulations or sales associated with the political authorities concerned

Article 5. Effectiveness, termination and limitation

5.1 Effectiveness

  1. You shall offer your identified information depending on Macrogen’s required form and work out this contract with Macrogen.
  2. Macrogen agree to register users being a known user whom conform to clause 5.1.a.

5.2 Termination and use limitation

Article 6. Arbitration

All disputes, controversies or differences which could arise away from or perhaps in reference to the Contract and for the breach thereof will probably be finally settled by arbitration in Seoul, Korea according to the Arbitration Rules that is commercial of Korean Commercial Arbitration Board while the laws and regulations of Korea.

Aricle 7. Governing Law

The Contract will be governed and interpreted by the guidelines associated with Republic of Korea.

Article8. Liabilities and treatment

8.1 Liabilities

Unless otherwise provided herein, Supplier shall never be accountable for any consequential, direct or indirect damages, associated with service that is free with the exception of the damages due to willful misconduct. Macrogen lifetime storage space solution will be supplied to any or all of y our clients at cost-free as much as fifteen (15) years through the date of information creation. We have been perhaps maybe not accountable for damage or losses to virtually any of one’s standard result that is sequencing that are kept in Macrogen’s host caused by involvement in or accessing or downloading file or information relating to the provider. We reserve the proper, inside our discretion that is sole cancel or suspend the provider should a virus, insects, or other factors beyond our control corrupt the administration, safety or appropriate procedure associated with Service.

8.2 Remedy

  1. Macrogen do not have responsibility to ensure and express any viewpoint and information given by Macrogen’ sequencing service, users and party that is third.
  2. Macorgen shall never be responsible for any loss brought on by commodity transaction or leading and money that is borrowing solution between users and a 3rd party and expected profit from solution.

8.3 Liquidated damage,

You shall spend liquidated damages, never as a penalty, to Macrogen in a quantity of 10% of total number of the payment that is delayed deadline.