Both free of charge VPN solutions – NordVPN vs IPVanish – claim to offer the best option for your surfing around privacy. And they are both cost-free… and both have nothing to verify it! And while I was diagnostic tests both, I noticed that IPVanish sometimes would display as many as several different IP addresses at the time you refreshed their web page. That happened while it was updating its web page. Therefore that’s a positive thing… but NordVPN always showed only one treat.

But which is really better? Well, in my opinion, both cost-free VPNs give comparable numbers of speed and security, nonetheless IPVanish seems becoming a little more quickly. Both VPNs provide great coverage of their chosen platforms, but the one which provides the better tempo and larger bandwidth tends to edge out the competition slightly. In the graphic listed below you’ll see that both chose a dedicated web server from Denmark with IPVanish app, and yet there were virtually no speed dissimilarities at all:

Option good news. Unhealthy reports is that both still have significant drawbacks. Even though NordVPN includes a no-logs insurance plan, IPVanish won’t. And while the no-logs insurance plan makes it more difficult for people to keep track of your activity, it also makes it very much harder for the network for being properly watched. If you’re preparing to use a single one of these VPN services, I’d recommend staying with the best one: NordVPN.