Ivan Duschatzky

Ivan’s career started withjobs and internships in Private Equity, Investment Banking, and Equity Research and then in Corporate Finance at Burger King Corporation (a 3G Investment).

Ivan joined the largest and #1 professional recruitment team in Miami and across the U.S., where he consistently performed as one of the top billers in South Florida across teams of seasoned contingency recruiters. Throughout his time in the industry, Ivan always researched and experimented with entrepreneurial ways to raise the bar of agency recruitment, and connected with several of the world’s best recruiters, recruitment business owners, and other industry leaders inspiring him to put together the most cutting-edge, thorough, and efficient talent acquisition solution available in the recruitment industry.

Ivan Duschatzky has a degree in Earth & Environmental Engineering focused on Sustainable Energy and a minor in Economics from Columbia University in the City of New York, and speaks English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Hiring the right (and best) people isn’t a luxury
It’s the most important thing a leader must do

In the U.S., new hires have a failure rate of 50% at every level. Take control and choose the right recruitment partner so you can make the truly best decision.