Industry Roles

  • Executive & Managerial Leadership
  • Plant & General Managers
  • Finance & Accounting
  • HR, Legal
  • Operations, Supply Chain & Logistics
  • Sales & Marketing
  • I.T.
  • Engineers, Scientists & other Specialists

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    We enjoy working with strategic & financial investment firms because they tend to understand that the ultimate competitive advantage any business can have is its people, and they tend to be as picky as us when it comes to choosing the right talent. With our deep industry knowledge, we pledge to find the right people who will not only the right high-demand skillsets of investment finance, but also the fighting spirit that your team needs.


    • Executive & Managerial Leadership
    • Front Office Finance
    • Specialty in RPO of P.E. Investments with 100% retention mindset
    • Sales & Trading
    • Capital Markets
    • Asset Management
    • Treasury
    • Credit & Risk
    • Finance & Accounting
    • Operations, HR, Legal
    • I.T.

    Hiring the right (and best) people isn’t a luxury
    It’s the most important thing a leader must do

    In the U.S., new hires have a failure rate of 50% at every level. Take control and choose the right recruitment partner so you can make the truly best decision.