Precision 360°. Traditional recruitment processes have been shown to have low accuracy in predicting future performance, with a failure rate of 50% for new hires across the United States. Is there a division in your company where you allow the probability of success to be no better than the flip of a coin? Hiring mistakes result in significant costs in both, hiring expenses and missed ROI opportunities and feed onto additional employee turnover.

In order to add as much value as possible to our clients, we have devised a comprehensive approach to hiring which we have named Precision 360°.

Our Process: Precision 360°

Combining our cutting-edge methodology with our cutting edge technology allows us to properly and thoroughly examine candidates, de-risking your hiring decisions by understanding the long-term cultural match of candidates with that of your team’s through in-depth assessments, as opposed to basing your hiring solely on first impressions and understanding of previous skillsets.

Benefits of Precision 360°

-Relentless process aimed at assessing 100-200 top-notch qualified candidates per position

-Proper candidate assessments match true behavior & culture compatibility of candidates with clients

-True commitment of appropriate candidates verified throughout process

-Every finalist vetted by successful Royalty CFOs and other corporate leaders

-Hiring process time normally significantly reduced (normally 1 to 3 weeks for staff & managerial positions, 2 to 4 weeks for executive positions)

-Overall hiring costs reduced while maximizing new hire’s ROIs

-Industry leading 12 month guarantee (subject to fair terms and mutually-agreed conditions)

Contingency Recruitment Retained Search Precision 360
Industry Experts Recruiting and Assessing Candidates
Recruitment process relies heavily on active portion of candidate pool and job postings (no passive/inactive talent)
Candidate shortlist presented quickly?
Partner with Management Consultants with deep industry experience
Extensive talent research & headhunting search focused on working with inactive/passive top talent
Work with limited number of clients to ensure proper diligence & focused on finding the right long-term solution, aiming to close 100% of deals engaged in
Pay our recruiters the most aggressive compensation payout in the industry ensuring internal quality & long-term reliability
Objective vetting process focused on providing candidate shortlist focusing on the top 10% of talent
Psychometric McQuaig testing ensuring ideal long-term candidate compatibility by matching true behavioral profile with that of stakeholders & reducing risk, completed upfront
Comprehensive, initial interview carried out through video with shareable content & assessment results to get a solid impression on shortlisted candidates
Process resulting in 96% retention record during first year of employment
12 month free candidate replacement guarantee on new hires

Hiring the right (and best) people isn’t a luxury
It’s the most important thing a leader must do

In the U.S., new hires have a failure rate of 50% at every level. Take control and choose the right recruitment partner so you can make the truly best decision.