Industry Roles

  • Executive & Managerial Leadership
  • Plant & General Managers
  • Finance & Accounting
  • HR, Legal
  • Operations, Supply Chain & Logistics
  • Sales & Marketing
  • I.T.
  • Engineers, Scientists & other Specialists

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    Our focus in Natural Resources group focus is in the energy field, primarily related to Green Energy, Oil, Gas, and petrochemical and other related industries.

    In an industry where finding top corporate talent can be just as difficult as finding the right technical talent (sometimes in the most interesting parts of the world), your best bet is to work with the most relentless team that will never give up and take it to the limit to find you the right talent.


    • Executive & Managerial Leadership
    • Finance, Accounting, HR, Legal
    • Operations, Supply Chain & Logistics
    • Engineers, Scientists & Other Specialists
    • I.T.

    Hiring the right (and best) people isn’t a luxury
    It’s the most important thing a leader must do

    In the U.S., new hires have a failure rate of 50% at every level. Take control and choose the right recruitment partner so you can make the truly best decision.